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Allergies and Carpet

Can clean carpet help with allergies? That is a valuable question as spring approaches and the answer is YES! Many of our calls are due to allergies and dust. We understand the importance of having quality air in the your household. Here are a few tips to reduce allergens in your home.

1. Take them shoes off! Keep as much outside residue OUTSIDE. Set out mats, place a sign on the door, ect. You do not want that dirt tracked inside.

2. Vacuuming as often as possible will contain the dust and improve your air quality.

3. We hate this one, but keep the pets outside of your bedroom. They have dander that can be really bothersome.

4. Have North Georgia Multi Services do a deep clean at least annually to remove anything that has been embedded that a regular vacuum cannot remove. Call the most experienced carpet cleaners in Georgia at 770-291-0560!

We look forward to improving your carpets and your allergies!


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