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How To Remove Slime From Carpet

Slime is the biggest trend in elementary schools currently. Kids are making it, selling it, playing with it, collecting it, YouTube-ing it, EVERYTHING SLIME. Slime kits are available at all retail stores and glue prices are at an all time high. Kids think it's a blast. What is NOT a blast, is cleaning it out of your carpet. We will help you out with a little home remedy for when slime strikes at your house.

Removing the slime is a simple fix. VINEGAR!

Vinegar will break down the substance. Simply saturate the slime concoction and wipe away after it soaks for a few minutes. If you don't have vinegar in your household, the next best solution is rubbing alcohol.

We hope you can use this tip to remove slime from your carpet and/or clothes.

See you later, Slime!

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